Solomon Davis is an American artist based out of Franklin, Tennessee. A professional photographer for the past ten years, Davis has funneled his passion for all things artistic into his photography. Among his inspirations are international travel, fine art photography, architecture photography and music photography . 

Davis grew up in an artistic home where his parents exposed him to various art forms early in life. His mother an interior decorator, and his father, a third generation drummer, taught Davis to see the beauty found in landscapes and the colors and elements of the outdoors. 

Now, through photography, Davis has found a way to beautifully and artfully capture the beauty all around him, whether it be a beach in Belize, a cave made of ice in Iceland, a live rock performance or a multi-million dollar estate. 

“Growing up, my parents always had Ansel Adams and M.C. Escher art around the house,” Davis said. “Those artists inspired my eye for symmetry. I learned to feel their passion through their art.”

A Master Photographer with Showcase Photographers, Davis has been able to capture the architecture and use of light in many of Nashville’s elite homes. He has also traveled with Grammy Award-winning rock band Paramore, showcasing the performance art of their colorful and energetic live show. 

Armed with his Canon 5D Mark IV, Davis is ready to travel the world and capture its beauty, whether natural or architectural.